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Cedar Vally Montessori Schools Cedar Vally Montessori Schools


CVMS Admissions

Admissions Information

To make sure that Cedar Valley Montessori School (CVMS) and your child are a good fit, admission is conditional upon evaluation and recommendation by our teachers and our Administrator in consultation with each child’s family.

Our admission process begins with re-enrollment of those students currently attending the school followed by current student siblings, then alumni.  After that, prospective students are enrolled based on their date of inquiry from our waiting list and on the number of available openings in their particular age group.

Families of currently enrolled children are asked to email their intentions for continuing at CVMS the following year starting in February.  Formal contracts are issued after enrollment is confirmed.  Enrollment from our Waiting List will begin in March after re-enrollment of current students and enrollment of siblings and alumni is completed.

Families inquiring for the first time are asked to come take a personal tour and meet our Administrator.  Following the tour, families are asked to apply for our waiting list and pay a $50 application fee.    All families on the waiting list will be contacted about openings after the re-enrollment process is completed in March, as well as throughout the school year when openings arise.

When an opening becomes available at any point during the year, parents are encouraged to come and observe a classroom.   Formal enrollment contracts will then be signed after the payment of a $100 enrollment fee.

All health, emergency contact, and release forms and student contracts must be returned before the first day of school so that all student files are complete. NO student may begin class if these forms are not complete and on file.


In Montessori schools all over the country it has been found that a careful orientation period produces effective and long lasting adjustment for the Montessori children. Returning students will attend class prior to new students in order to facilitate their re-adjustment to the Montessori environment.  This will refresh their memories and restart routines.  The new students will then begin their Montessori experience with several role models.

A parent orientation program is held in August. The program includes introduction of staff, review of policies and procedures, and discussion of rights and responsibilities of families and staff. One or both parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

For additional information about enrollment at CVMS, please phone (319) 365-5155 or email

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