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Cedar Vally Montessori Schools Cedar Vally Montessori Schools


CVMS Preschool Program




CVMS’s Preschool Program is a true, five-day-a-week, Montessori program.

It is designed for children three to six years of age to provide an enriching developmental experience in an environment of personal respect and responsible freedom.

Our Preschool classes also offer socialization and formal learning experiences for the very young child.  Gross and small motor coordination activities, singing, stories, learning units and manipulation materials keep the child happy, busy and stimulated. Classroom time is spent in the basic Montessori subject areas:

Practical Life
– real world activities that help a child work toward independence in caring for themselves and their environment.  Practical Life exercises include pouring, sorting, food preparation, care of self (hand washing, teeth brushing, grooming), and care of their environment (table washing, floor scrubbing, dusting, polishing).   These activities help build fine motor skills and foster good work habits while aiding in focus, concentration, inner discipline, attention to detail and task completion.  The children also establish pride in their work, organizational skills, a sense of inner accomplishment, and grace.

Sensorial – materials and exercises deal with developing the five senses.  Sensorial work focuses on textures, sounds, shapes and colors.  This work helps the child develop their powers of observation and lets them make comparisons and reason for themselves.

Language – includes speaking, writing, reading and grammar.    Montessori language materials help the child to classify their world by broadening their vocabulary.  Through pictures and real objects, vocabulary is encouraged and developed.

Mathematics – a highly conceptual approach that moves from the concrete to the abstract.  Montessori mathematics focuses on numeration, the decimal system, and geometry. Our base ten system encourages the child to sequence and order his work. This area of the classroom starts with very concrete material and moves to more abstract work. Each child moves at his/her own pace working to internalize concrete ideas and eventually shift to understanding abstract concepts.

Cultural Activities – exposes the child to basics in geography, history, and life sciences.  We explore customs and celebrations of global countries, including samplings native foods, music, and crafts while we learn about the people, terrain, and animals of each continent.  Children are given an opportunity to explore their larger world and are encouraged to achieve a sense of respect for cultural differences.

Preschool classes meet Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Cedar Valley Montessori School • 110 5th Avenue S.E. • Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 • (319) 365-5155 • info@cvmontessori.org
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